Peter's Players is a world renowned venue offering an extremely intimate experience with top name artists from around the world.

True entrepreneurs, Peter and Michelle Swanek wanted to make changes in their lives, went for it, and realized their dream! Thanks to their vision and spirit, the town of Gravenhurst has a year-round intimate theatre with a very special character. Peter and Michelle have brought superb musical performances to Muskoka, attracting a devoted following of fans from all over the province and beyond.

Peter Swanek is simply put, a man passionate about music. A promoter of over 600 concert/club dates since 2000, Peter has provided musical entertainment for over 20 venues.

Fast forward to 2017, and the Swanek's need to find a more peaceful space to have during their downtime, they built their new home on a river lot in Muskoka.  Being the entrepreneurs they are, they couldn't help but realize that their home of the last 17 years would make an excellent inn and a comfortable place to stay, for concert going patrons.

The Inn at Peter's Players was born.  It is a boutique, four room, small inn that is located in the 100 year old house that is conveniently attached to the under 100 seat theatre, where world class entertainment is presented all year round.  A great end to the evening as you drift off to LaLa Land